Meet Quentin.

He's one quirky kid.

Quentin has Autism Spectrum Disorder, which means he sees the world differently to his sister. In this book she explores all the ways her brother and her are alike, and discovers that everyone is a little quirky in their own way.

A book about embracing uniqueness and celebrating those who work differently to ourselves.

About the Author

Indianna Bell

Indianna is a Screenwriter and Film Producer from Adelaide, SA, with a passion for storytelling. For several years she has also been an in-home support worker for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through her work she noticed that there is a lack of educational material for young siblings and peers of children with ASD. Being a difficult concept for young children to understand, she began to develop ‘Quirky Quentin’ as a way of motivating kids to draw similarities between themselves and those they know on the spectrum. She hopes that ‘Quirky Quentin’ will promote understanding and awareness of such a common and diverse disorder, and will encourage children to celebrate the joy in being different.


About the Illustrator

Aleksandra Szmidt

Aleksandra Szmidt grew up in a town in the south of Poland and currently resides in New Zealand. In Poland, she worked as a graphic designer. Upon moving (mid 2016) she decided to pursue her dream as a freelance illustrator. From her home studio, Aleksandra creates one-of-a-kind artwork for clients across the world. Her love of drawing plants and animals is attributed to her landscape architecture studies. However, she prefers to design magical things often detached from reality. She loves both traditional and digital painting, so she also likes to mix them. This brings her immense joy and an emotional connection to her artwork.

You can find her work here.

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